Water Quality – Backflow

The Village of College Corner is responsible for ensuring the drinking water delivered to homes or businesses is safe. To do so, we regulate backflow or any cross contamination between a property’s drinking water pipes and sources of contamination throughout the village’s service area. Backflow occurs when water pressure drops and water is pulled back into your plumbing from an unprotected cross connection in your home or business. Common reasons for cross connections include hoses submerged in water, lawn irrigation and fire sprinkler systems.

Similar to several municipalities in the SW Ohio region, to prevent backflow and possible contamination, the Village of College Corner requires a reduced pressure backflow prevention assembly on each water line entering a non-residential, commercial or business building.

State law requires testing of backflow prevention devices when they are installed and every 12 months thereafter. The Village’s water customer is responsible for having these devices installed, tested, and replaced by a plumber with backflow certification.

The Village of College Corner contracts with Backflow Solutions Inc. (BSI) to track all of the backflow testing data from our customers to ensure that the owners have a properly working backflow device on their property. Plumbers are required to submit the results of these tests to the Village of College Corner Water & Sewer through BSI.

Resident’s required to have backflow prevention devices should contact Backflow Solutions Inc. for more information.



We have also prepared the following document to help explain Backflow Prevention Brochure – Protecting our Public Water System (2023) which provides information about Backflow and Cross-Connection Control.

Questions concerning Backflow prevention and cross-connection control may be directed to Mayor Jim Jackson at 513-655-8511.