Questions & Answers – 10-18-23

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Questions and Answers to Some Topics in the Village of College Corner, Ohio

  1. What was the lawsuit outcome?   An out-of-town advocacy group filed a lawsuit against the Village for allegedly violating the Open Meetings Act.  Before expending too much of the Village’s resources, the Village opted to settle the lawsuit.  There was no admission that the Village did anything wrong.  And, in fact, the group acknowledged that the Village acted in good faith and in the best interest of the Village.
  2. Who establishes Council Meetings? (citizens or governing body, which is dictated by law)Ohio law dictates that a legislative authority shall set a time and place for its meeting prescribed by ordinance.  While these meetings must be open to the public, it is the Village Council that sets the time and place of its meetings.
  3. Is the Village of College Corner responsible for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) within the Village corporation limits?Ohio counties, municipalities, and townships are not required by law to provide emergency medical services (EMS).  Ohio Atty. Gen. Op. No. 1979-042, at 2-141.  Israel Township has long provided EMS services to residents in the Village, but the Village has never had a contract for those services.
  4. Please explain meetings and when the public body is required to meet in public session? 

    A public body is only required to meet in public session when a majority of its members have a pre-arranged gathering to discuss and deliberate the public body’s business.  R.C. 121.22.  If a gathering does not contain a majority or is not intended to discuss and deliberate the business of the public body (i.e., political events/fundraisers), it is not considered a meeting and does not have to comply with the Open Meetings Act.

Brodi J. Conover, Partner
Bricker Graydon LLP

PUBLIC NOTICE: Request for Qualifications

PUBLIC NOTICE: Request for Qualifications

The Village of College Corner, Ohio is requesting Statements of Qualifications, from qualified design firms to provide professional consulting, engineering and surveying services for the Critical Street Utility Improvement Project.


Three (3) hard copies of the Statement of Qualifications are required. Statements of Qualification must be received no later than 1:30 pm sharp, Eastern Standard Time on March 24, 2023, at the Village Offices located at 10596 Camden-College Corner Road, College Corner, Ohio 45004

Late submissions will not be accepted.